APA to address Megaregions at Annual Conference


The American Planning Association's National Conference this April 14-18, 2007 in Philadelphia will include a special track on, "Megaregions, Sustainability and Transportation," featuring multiple sessions planned by or including America 2050 project partners.

Some of the highlights inlcude sessions on: Megaregions and a National Transportation Agenda; Building Economic Synergies in Megaregions; and Cross-Border Challenges in International Megaregions. Several sessions will focus on specific areas of the country, such as: Booming Sunbelt Megaregions and Reimagining the Midwest Megaregion.

For more information on the APA National Conference click here.

To explore the sessions in the Megaregions track on the APA website, visit this link, then select the Track "Megaregions, Sustainability and Transportation" from the pull down menu and leave "all" in the Topic field.