Northeast Leaders exchange Ideas about the Future of the Megaregion

Last October and November Regional Plan Association and the Penn Institute for Urban Research convened the Greater Philadelphia-New York Leadership Exchange to promote collaboration between the two regions around common transportation, economic and land use challenges. The Leadership Exchange was sponsored by the William Pen Foundation and was part of ongoing research by the Regional Plan Association to examine the Northeast Megaregion and its mobility needs, economic competitiveness and growth concerns. The two meetings, held in Philadelphia and New York City highlighted topics such as Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, the role of anchor institutions in economic development, and wireless internet initiatives in center cities.

The Leadership Exchange was the first step in a multiyear project to build a “Northeast Network” of business and civic leaders from Boston to Washington to advocate for investments and policies to sustain the economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life if the Northeast in the 21st Century. The Leadership Exchange will be followed by a “Northeast Climate and Competitiveness Summit” on March 2 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, featuring roundtable meetings on Northeast Corridor Mobility, Energy and Emissions, and Regional Landscape and Smart Growth.

Notes from the two Leadership Exchange Meetings can be downloaded here.

Click here for notes from the Philadelphia meeting.
Click here for notes from the New York City meeting.