An Emerging Biotech Belt

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Could a Cleveland-Pittsburgh biotech-belt be forming? This is the hope of two venture capital firms in the two regions, which are working together to cross-promote each other’s biotech sectors, as reported by an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this May. BioEnterprise of Cleveland and the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse have forged a partnership to establish a strong biomedical and life sciences research corridor, similar to Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Research Triangle in North Carolina. Baiju Shah, president of BioEnterprise, and John Manzetti, head of the Greenhouse, believe that lack of marketing and a negative image are impediments to attracting investments in bioscience to their regions. They are trying to turn that image around. By linking their two regions as one, biotech “megaregion,” the combined amount of research talent is on par with the greatest concentrations in the world. Read more below.
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