America 2050 Week at the Rockfeller Foundation Global Urban Summit

Photo: Mayor Shirley Franklin delivers the keynote address at the Rockefeller Foundation Urban Summit, July 8. Seated at left is Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation.
From July 8-13, Regional Plan Association (RPA) hosted an intensive workshop on America 2050 as part of the Rockefeller Foundation's month-long global urban summit, Innovations for an Urban World at their conference center in Bellagio, Italy. The America 2050 workshop convened a small group of distinguished elected officials, planning practitioners, and business leaders who identified steps toward creating a long-term physical and policy framework for America's future growth and development. In preparation for the Summit, RPA prepared and commissioned a series of framing papers on various aspects of the project. The papers can be downloaded here.

1808-1909-2008: National Planning for America by Robert Fishman

Economic and Equity Frameworks for Megaregions by Christopher Jones

Policy Options for Climate Change Mitigation by Amber Mahone

Land Development and Growth Management in the United States: Considerations at the Megaregion Scale by Thomas Wright

A Land and Resources Conservation Agenda for the United States by Frederick Steiner and Robert Yaro

A Transportation Strategy for 21st Century America by Petra Todorovich