MOREtransit Pushing for Increased Transit Investment to MARC Commuter Rail Service in Maryland


The Baltimore Business Journal recently outlined the efforts of a coalition working to promote public transit over highway projects.  MOREtransit, Movement of Organizations for Regional Expansion of Transit, is pushing to transfer funds from roads to mass transit.  Currently, Outlook 2035, the plan of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, a division of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, emphasizes highway expansion. 

The transportation board is planning $2 billion for transit projects, and $6.2 billion for highway.  MOREtransit is proposing the following amendments, which it presented this week at a board meeting:

        • $3 billion for regional rapid transit system
        • $550 million new passenger rail tunnel connecting Penn Station and West Baltimore
        • $488 million for MARC Penn Line improvements
        • And $200 million for MARC Camden Line improvements.

In addition, MOREtransit also proposes decreasing highway funding by more than $2 billion, while budgeting more than $60 million for bike and pedestrian projects.  The organization is working to integrate and expand the current system, while also making major improvements within the region as well as improve connections to the Northeast Corridor.

Photo: David B. Davies