Transport 2040 - Regional Planning in Greater Vancouver

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RPA's America 2050 team traveled to Vancouver this week, where we were invited by TransLink - Greater Vancouver's transportation authority - to assist them in public consultation around the development of a 30-year transportation strategy for the region. TransLink is a unique transportation authority with planning and operating responsibilities for both roads and transit in the Vancouver region. They are currently developing a 30-year transportation strategy for the region and held three consultation forums over the last week: one with local government leaders, one with regional stakeholders, and another with their staff and transit operators.  

They were interested in RPA's experience in developing long-range plans for the NY-NJ-CT region, as well as the long term strategies of America 2050 and megaregional trends in Cascadia. RPA's PowerPoint presentation, delivered at TransLink's Stakeholder Transportation Forum on October 29 at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Downtown Vancouver can be downloaded here (2.2 MB).

You can read comments on the stakeholder forum on a local Vancouver blog here.

Photo: Construction of TransLink's new Canada Line. (Courtesy of Tom Wright.)