The Economist: The Cracks are Showing

America 2050 is featured in this week's The Economist in an article about America's growing infrastructure problems.

"America 2050", led by the RPA and a committee of scholars and civic leaders, has a ... scheme for "megaregions", or networks of metros. The federal government should do what it can to ensure that these areas, first of all, have the infrastructure they need to thrive.

This means, among other things, an enhanced federal role in projects that cross state borders, including not only the interstates but intermodal freight and high-speed rail. A better system for evaluating a project's benefit--within a broader strategy for economic development, for example--would help the public get more for its money. Metros would be given more incentives to reduce congestion and sprawl.


If America does not act, says Robert Yaro of the Regional Plan Association (RPA), a body that plans for the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region, it will have the infrastructure of a third-world country within a few decades. Economic growth will be constricted, and the quality of life will be diminished.

Link to the article here.