America 2050 Update: January 7, 2009

In This Update:
  • Economic Stimulus Statement Garners Wide Press Coverag
  • America 2050 Spring Research Seminar - Call for Papers
  • New Article: An Infrastructure and Economic Recovery Plan for the U.S.
Economic Stimulus Statement Garners Wide Press Coverage
America 2050's recent statement on the economic stimulus plan has received wide press coverage, helping to shape the debate on the top priority of the incoming Obama administration. A sample of news articles, blog, and television coverage is provided below.
Yaro on Obama Stimulus Plan 
Bob Yaro appeared on the Fox Business News program, "Money for
Breakfast" and Bloomberg News to discuss the Obama Administration's upcoming
infrastructure spending plan. 
Washington Times -- Planners Urge long-term Stimulus Goal
Every hundred years the nation's greatest leaders develop a . . . national infrastructure plan? It likely is not the edgiest manifesto to cross President-elect Barack Obama's desk - discussing the nuts and bolts of transportation, energy and water infrastructure...
Bloomberg News -- Rail Takes Back Seat as States Target Obama Stimulus for RoadsMissouri's plan to spend $750 million in federal money on highways and nothing on mass transit in St. Louis doesn't square with President-elect Barack Obama's vision for a revolutionary re-engineering of the nation's infrastructure...
New York Times -- Even More Stimulus Plans
Following up on the collection of fiscal stimulus plans we've been putting together on Economix, we just received a statement signed by 26 infrastructure experts on principles for stimulus spending...
Wired -- Obama Has One Chance to Get Infrastructure Spending Right
The Obama Administration must think wisely before doling out money for infrastructure projects because it has just once chance to get it right, transportation and urban-planning experts say...

America 2050 Spring Research Seminar - Call for Papers

Regional Plan Association and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy have issued a call for paper proposals for the America 2050 Research Seminar to be held March 30-31, 2009. The America 2050 seminar will focus on how federal policy should address and serve regions of varying rates of population growth and density, economic growth, or isolation.  The seminar will explore the interconnections between megaregions and their adjacent rural and frontier regions as part of a national growth strategy for the United States.  To advance America 2050's research efforts beyond the nation's metropolitan regions and megaregions to create a truly national plan that accounts for metropolitan, rural and frontier regions, we are soliciting proposals for new research that will explore these topics. The deadline for paper proposals is January 20, 2009.
View the entry on the America 2050 website and download the call for papers.

New Article: An Infrastructure and Economic Recovery Plan for the U.S.

A new article by Petra Todorovich in Land Lines, the monthly journal of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy describes America 2050's proposed strategic investment framework for overhauling existing federal infrastructure policies and implementing a bold agenda for infrastructure investment as part of a short-term economic stimulus and long-term strategy for energy independence and national economic prosperity.
Read the article in Land Lines.& (Note: registration is required but it is free.)

About America 2050

America 2050 is a national initiative to develop an infrastructure plan for the United States that will position America for equitable, sustainable and prosperous economic growth. We are developing strategies that anticipate the challenges of rapid population growth, climate change, mobility, and ensuring national prosperity in a changing global economy.

A major focus of America 2050 is the emergence of megaregions - large networks of metropolitan areas, where most of America's growth by mid-century will take place - and how to organize infrastructure investments, environmental protection, and economic opportunities for all at this new scale.

America 2050 includes a network of partners in megaregions across the country developing long-range strategies for sustainable growth and prosperity. A list of America 2050 partners is available on the America 2050 website at

America 2050 Update
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