The Quest for Megaregion Equity: The Gulf Coast and Beyond

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By Angela Glover Blackwell and Dominique Duval-Diop, PolicyLink.

Hurricane Katrina dramatically swept away the veil obscuring severe poverty and inequities located in the Gulf Coast and echoed in regions across America. Unfortunately, the subsequent national discussion has been disappointing, in that it failed to address the myriad causes and potential strategies for addressing the causes of these inequities.
Nor did it take seize on the opportunity to craft more effective megaregion-sale strategies for infrastructure planning, affordable housing, health, education, and transportation, issues that could address the inequities reflected in the entire Gulf Coast - the nation's most impoverished area.   In this paper, the Gulf Coast is treated as a case study for addressing poverty and inequity at the megaregion scale. The authors present seven principles for a megaregion-scale equity approach.