PAM Forum: The Case for a National Infrastructure Policy

Pat McCrory-6.jpg  On March 23, America 2050 partnered with the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, the Georgia Transportation Institute, the Atlanta Regional Commission, and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to host a major infrastructure forum focusing on national infrastructure policy and the Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion.

Stakeholders, experts, government, business, and civic leaders from Birmingham, Alabama to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina came together to set priorities for a national infrastructure policy and specific investments in transportation, energy and water infrastructure in the Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion.

Speakers included: Ray Christman, President and CEO of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, John Horsley, Executive Director of AASHTO, William Millar, Executive Director of the American Public Transportation Association, Rebecca Wodder, President of American Waters, and Pat McCrory, Mayor of the City of Charlotte.

Above: Mayor Pat McCrory of Charlotte, North Carolina

Materials are available from the forum, including the Program and the Center's Megaregions Primer.pdf

Press Coverage of the Event:
"Georgia in the Rearview Mirror" in Facing South
Mort Downey-2.jpg Mort Downey

Ray Christman-7.jpg Ray Christman

Shirley Franklin-2.jpg Shirley Franklin