Century of the City

century_city_cov.jpgVeracruz, 261 miles due east of Mexico City, is Mexico's most populous metropolitan region on the Gulf Coast.   It is also where the first confirmed case of the swine flu epidemic occurred.  As the death toll increased and we faced a potential pandemic, the Mexican health system struggled to monitor and contain the spread of the virus, and treat the ill.

Urban challenges such as these are the subject of the timely volume Century of the City - No Time to Lose, recently published by the Rockefeller Foundation, the result of its Global Urban Summit held in July 2007.  The Summit provided a platform for the examination of key infrastructure and planning issues as they relate to the growth of urban regions around the world--including in the United States and the Global South.  Topics covered in Century of the City include Urban Health; Financing Water, Transportation and Shelter; and Climate Change Resilience in the Global South, and America 2050; U.S. Transportation Challenges; and U.S. Metros: Building Blocks of America's Prosperity. 

You may order up to 2 free copies of the book from the Rockefeller Foundation here.