T4 America Releases "Blueprint" for Federal Transportation Program

It has been more than fifty years since the signing of the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act, which created a network of highways that tied the nation together. Today, America faces a new set of challenges and is in need of a new vision for our transportation system. Transportation for America, a broad coalition representing a range of local and national interests focused on modernizing the nation's transportation system, released The Route to Reform: Blueprint for a 21st Century Federal Transportation Program, a detailed plan for maintaining and expanding the nations transportation system.
In this "Blueprint", the coalition offers four main recommendations for the upcoming transportation authorization bill:
  • Develop a New National Transportation Vision with Objectives and Accountability for Meeting Performance Targets.
  • Restructure Federal Transportation Programs and Funding to Support the New National Transportation Vision and Objectives.
  • Reform Transportation Agencies and the Decision-making Process.
  • Revise Transportation Finance So We Can Pay for Needed Investments.

This document serves as T4 America's proposal for the policies and financing structures necessary to achieve real transformational change in America's transportation system
Download full blueprint (PDF 4.9MB)
Download Executive Summary (PDF 3.1MB)