America 2050 Update: June 18, 2009

In This Update:

  • This Friday: America 2050 Hosts Southwest Megaregion Forum in Los Angeles
  • Save the Dates: Sept 23-25 Megaregions and MetroProsperity: Sustainable Economics for the Texas Triangle
  • New Paper on Megaregions, Governance and Finance

America 2050 Hosts Southwest Megaregion Forum in Los Angeles: June 19

This Friday, join business, civic, government, and academic leaders of the Southwest megaregion (encompassing Southern California, the Las Vegas metropolitan area and Baja California) at the USC Davidson Conference Center as they address key infrastructure challenges of the Southwest Megaregion to position the megaregion's economy for robust, equitable and sustainable growth. Even as California faces a budget crisis of dire proportions, this forum will look ahead to the investments needed to spur both short and long term, sustainable, economic growth in Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Baja Norte. This forum has three objectives: 1) identify major infrastructure priorities in the Southwest Megaregion that are also issues of national interest; 2) find common ground on programs and policies that would help the region meet its core infrastructure challenges; and 3) establish a network of business, civic, government and academic organizations to work together in the Southwest Megaregion and push its collective agenda.


The forum will feature keynote speakers John R. Fielder, President of Southern California Edison and Polly Trottenberg, Executive Director of Building America's Future. For more information on the speakers and sponsors, visit the America 2050 website here. Online registration is now closed, but walk-in registrations will be accepted. The cost to attend the forum is $25.00.

Save the Dates: Sept 23-25 Texas Triangle Megaregion Forum

If you can't make it out to L.A. this week, please consider joining us in Houston, Texas this September 23-25 for a multi-day forum hosted by Houston Tomorrow and America 2050. Titled Megaregions and MetroProsperity: Sustainable Economics for the Texas Triangle, this convening will bring together leaders in the Texas Triangle (comprising Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin regions) to work toward a vision for sustainable prosperity in the Texas Triangle. The first day of the forum will focus on America 2050's agenda, including building support for a national infrastructure plan and knowledge of the Texas Triangle. The second day will focus on the measures needed in Texas to promote a sustainable economy and the creation of genuine wealth. Infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and social equity will be overriding themes throughout.  For more information, visit Houston Tomorrow's website. 



New Paper on Megaregions, Governance and Finance

A new America 2050 policy paper by a team of authors at the University of Southern California proposes a new governance and decision-making process for megaregions in which university-based Centers of Excellence would assist partnerships of local and state governments in outcome-based project selection and procurement for major infrastructure projects. The paper calls for the adoption of a Strategic Investment Framework by the federal government that would work with these Centers of Excellence to evaluate infrastructure investments against a Triple Bottom Line of environmental health, social equity, and economic growth. Download the paper from the America 2050 website here.