Upcoming ULI forum addresses the water challenges of the West

Droughts are nothing new in the West, but there is the sense that this time it's different. The region's water supplies and infrastructure -essential to prosperous communities - are coming under increasing strain due to rapid population growth, pollution concerns, and an increasingly volatile climate. As a result, the era of cheap and easy water is coming to an end. This will mean new and substantial entitlement, political, and economic risks for development projects.

Developers will face growing pressure to produce water efficient and sustainable projects. Similarly, public agencies will need to find the policies and practices that will secure a prosperous and sustainable future for western communities in the face of these significant challenges.

Join the ULI  Center for Balanced Development in the West, in partnership with the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the Sustainable Sites Initiative, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, for a look at cutting-edge  development, land use, and infrastructure solutions to the  water challenges of the West.

With a cross-section of leading developers, designers, and water experts from across the West, we'll share project-oriented solutions for water sustainability, as well as case studies and workshops that will offer you opportunities to interact with the experts.

Please click here for more information: http://bit.ly/3AElR