Bipartisan Collaboration in the Piedmont Megaregion

As a follow-up to last August's Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion Summit, the megaregion's mayors, led by Atlanta's Shirley Franklin and Charlotte's Pat McCrory, recently gathered in Greenville, South Carolina to formalize their new organization, now called "The Piedmont Alliance for Quality Growth - Mayors, Business, Academia."

The Alliance was formed out of the recognition that city leaders will better tackle increasing challenges related to rapid population growth and the need for infrastructure if they work as a unit, rather than independently. Mayor Franklin also expressed her understanding of the megaregion's place in the global economy, stating, "I used to think of the Atlanta metro region as my sphere. But now I know - I'm in a megaregion which will increasingly influence the ability of America to prosper."

Two examples of the challenges facing the regions of Piedmont include making public transit more reliable and widely available; and employing more ecologically responsible land use practices.

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