It's time for a plan.

Throughout history, our nation's leaders have made ambitious investments in America's infrastructure. The Eerie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Interstate Highway System are examples of ambitious, far-reaching visions that transformed America and fueled economic growth. These plans were implemented by the government and the private sector working together. Without them, our country would not have enjoyed the unrivaled prosperity, mobility, and opportunity that made us the envy of the world.
But since the completion of the Interstate Highway System, no similar vision has guided national development. Our nation's infrastructure is better known for congestion, deterioration, and accidents than efficiency or innovation. Examples of innovation--in high-speed rail, airport access, water resource management, congestion pricing--are overwhelmingly found among our competitors overseas.

And yet unlike other industrialized nations, America is growing. Our rate of population growth is nowhere near the developing nation of China, but it soars past industrial nations like Germany, Japan, Spain, and South Korea. The Census projects that America will add 130 million people by 2050--a 50 percent increase over the population level of 2000. And yet we have no strategy for the mobility systems, housing stock, water infrastructure, and energy production and transmission to support a population of 440 million and economy three times the size it is now.

To meet these challenges, America 2050 is calling for a national infrastructure plan of transportation investments, water resource management, electrical transmission and energy production to accommodate the nation's future growth while cutting carbon emissions and weaning the nation off foreign oil. Many of these investments will be focused in the nation's eleven megaregions, where more than 70 percent of America's people and jobs are located today. But the plan will also connect rural areas to opportunity, revitalize declining regions and communities, and protect our precious natural landscapes and environment.

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The time to plan for the future is now.