Ask Congress to Support High-Speed Rail and Amtrak Funding

America 2050 joined today with to support $4 billion for high-speed rail and $2.6 billion for Amtrak in the Fiscal Year 2011 budget.

You can support this effort by sending a note to your Congressman on the website. America 2050 is calling on Congress to appropriate $4 billion in funding for high-speed passenger rail and $2.6 billion for Amtrak in the FY 2011 budget proposal in order to create thousands of good, quality American jobs; advance our national security interest by burning less oil; stimulate the economy by promoting mobility within megaregions; and provide relief to drivers and fliers in congested highway corridors and airspace. Supporting Amtrak's request in 2011 will also launch a fleet replacement program to replace aging rail cars and equipment, while contributing to the development of an American rail manufacturing base.
In FY 2010, Congress appropriated $2.5 billion for high-speed and passenger rail improvements, a huge annual appropriation compared to pre-stimulus levels for rail on top of the $8 billion in stimulus funds. The $2.5 billion figure was actually a compromise between the House and the Senate: $4 billion was originally proposed by the House and $1.2 billion by the Senate. America 2050 joined with Transportation for America and to push the final figure up to $2.5 billion.