Northeastern States Submit Joint Planning Application


Last month, eleven northeastern states and Amtrak submitted a planning proposal to the Federal Railroad Administration.  The proposal seeks federal funding for an $18.8 million four-phased planning study.

The study will explore investments needed to meet travel demand in the Northeast Corridor, including both incremental improvements and investments in dedicated tracks for true high-speed service. This proposal, the result of collaboration among 11 states and Amtrak to plan for the future of the  nation's most congested intercity and commuter rail corridor, represents an historic collaboration and a necessary step to bring the Northeast's rail infrastructure into the 21st century.

The proposal strikes a needed balance between short term necessity and ambitious long term planning, and is worthy of support by anyone who cares about rail service in the Northeast. A decision by the FRA about whether to fund this three-year planning process is expect by the middle of July.

The complete proposal can be found here: