Amtrak's Vision for High Speed Rail in the Northeast

Northend Alignment.png

Amtrak's recently released A Vision for High Speed Rail in the Northeast Corridor provides one scenario for dramatically improved intercity rail service in the Northeast Megaregion. With a top speed of 220 MPH on two dedicated tracks, the trip from Washington DC to Boston would take a mere three hours, a trip that takes nearly seven hours today. In addition to faster trip times between cities in the Northeast, the new dedicated tracks would be able to accommodated many more trains and provide more than 100,000 permanent jobs.

This preliminary study represents the beginning of a conversation regarding what type of intercity rail service is desired to meet the mobility needs of the megaregion over the next century.  Amtrak notes that" these concepts would undergo numerous revisions, refinements and changes under more detailed study, and other concepts with different alignments would likely be further reviewed at that time." Stay tuned!

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