America 2050 Testifies at Congressional Hearing on High-Speed Rail

Congressional Field Hearing - Northeast Corridor from Steven Skemp on Vimeo.

The U.S. House Representatives' Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held their first field hearing on this Congress at Grand Central Terminal on January 27, where America 2050 Director Petra Todorovich testified on behalf of the Business Alliance for Northeast Mobility. The title of the hearing was, "Developing True High-Speed Rail in the Northeast Corridor: Stop Sitting on our Federal Assets." Other witnesses included former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Hart from U.S. High Speed Rail, and Robert Scardelletti from the Transportation Communications International Union.
Download Petra's testimony from the Committee's website here. Access the Chairman and all of the other panelists' remarks here. Thanks to the US High Speed Rail Association for making a video of the hearing, above.