Where are Northeast landscapes being conserved?

834_Initiatives density_v2_12rotate.jpg

RPA/America 2050 today released the first in a series of maps for its Atlas of Northeast Landscape Conservation.  These maps show trends about landscape conservation initiatives in the Northeast and provide context for their work. While the inventory of landscape conservation initiatives is still building, today's map shows "hotspots" where initiatives are concentrated. Preliminary analysis from this map has already revealed some key trends:  landscape conservation initiatives are young and growing, ambitious in scope, and overwhelmingly local.

More trends will emerge as the inventory continues to build. Additional maps and inventory analysis will be released later this month, including an urban growth build-out model for the region. Results will be used as the basis for an upcoming report and conference on this topic.

In the Northeast Megaregion, complex urban development patterns and high demand for land and resources pose particular challenges for conservation. RPA/America 2050 is working across political jurisdictions to produce a comprehensive inventory of landscape conservation initiatives that protect watersheds, wildlife habitat, and other natural processes at the appropriate geographic scale. The project was launched in November, 2010 with the support from The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area.

Visit the inventory website to see the hotspot map and data charts and to comment on the inventory of landscape initiatives.

Northeast Landscape Conservation Inventory