Call Your Senators to Protect High-Speed Rail Funding

Congress returns to Washington, DC this week to debate the budget. Friday is the deadline for passing a continuing resolution (CR) to avoid a government shutdown. Since spending bills must originate in the House, the Senate will consider the CR passed by the House two weeks ago.

The House bill eliminates the high-speed rail program, slashes Amtrak funding, and eliminates funding to expand transit.  It even eliminates all un-obligated high-speed rail funds from the stimulus and the 2010 budget.

America 2050 is joining with its partners in the coalition to maintain momentum to grow funding for high-speed rail in the United States, not reduce it.  Please call your Senators this week and let them know that you want expanded rail investments to create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. 

Click here to get their phone numbers and then send them a follow up email.