VIDEO: Mad Men on "Mad Fast Trains"

In this video, set in 1965, Pete Campbell and Harry Crane, characters from the AMC series "Mad Men," banter about the idea of advertising high-speed trains in America, instead of cars and planes.

"I think you can relax on this whole thing. I read a piece that said that in 40 years gas is going to be almost a dollar a gallon," says Harry. "Look cities are getting bigger. Trains are the most efficient, economical, best investment. It's obvious. We do not need to sell trains." "I suppose you're right again," says Pete. "I know I'm right," says Harry, "Now are you going to fix me a drink? I've got a long drive home."

We can't wait another decade to move forward on high-speed rail. The future is now.  Tell your friends, tell your family, but most importantly - if you agree - then tell your Senators.