Experts to Discuss the Importance of Exports at MegaRegion Summit

goldengatebridge_ship.jpgOn Friday, April 15th, the 2011 Northern California MegaRegion Summit will convene public officials and private industry leaders from around the Northern California megaregion, as well as other national and international experts, to discuss the state of the region's export economy and identify opportunities to improve long-term global competitiveness. Why is the export marketplace important to the megaregion's economy? Is Northern California exporting knowledge-based exports or commodities? Does the megaregion have the transportation and other infrastructure required to take important products to market? These questions and more will be tackled by the expert speakers and panelists at this year's Northern California MegaRegion Summit, "Competing Globally, Succeeding Locally."

More information after the jump or you can visit The Oakland Chamber of Commerce's website to download the program (PDF) or register for the event.
Highlights of the program:

  • The Honorable Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland, will be on a panel with other Mayors from around the megaregion, such as San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed; West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon; and South San Francisco Mayor Kevin Mullin.
  • Joseph Quinlan, Senior Economist at Bank of Ameirca, will set the stage by making the case that exports give the megaregion a competitive advantage by creating jobs, revenue and commerce that strengthen the economy.
  • Ro Khanna, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service, will provide an overview of the National Export Initiative, an effort by the federal government to increase and expand U.S. exports.
  • A discussion with regional exporters, stakeholders, and public officials about the region's portfolio of exports and how to leverage resources to increase the region's export economy and global competitiveness. 
Finally, a Northern California "Regional Export Initiative" will be signed by all of the mayors in attendance and given to Ro Khanna, who will eventually present it to the White House.

The main conveners of the event are The City of Oakland, The Port of Oakland, and The Oakland Chamber of Commerce. The event's title sponsor is Bank of America. The MegaRegion Summit will run from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the admission cost is $125 per person, which will include a continental breakfast and sit-down lunch.

In 2008, America 2050 was involved in hosting the first Northern California MegaRegion Event in Sacramento.