Life at the Speed of Rail: A Call for Design Ideas: Deadline May 21


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America 2050 is pleased to be involved in an advisory role to the Van Alen Institute Call for Design Ideas, LIFE AT THE SPEED OF RAIL.

At this critical moment for American infrastructure, LIFE AT THE SPEED OF RAIL calls for participants to produce projects and scenarios that imagine the impacts of high-speed rail at all scales --architectural, metropolitan, regional, national. Van Alen Institute asks for everyone's participation. We invite architects to imagine new rail modes, new infrastructures, new cities and social spaces. We want landscape architects to picture rail paradigms that embrace topography, ecology or sustainability. Urban planners, convince us that high-speed rail will rejuvenate your downtown or launch a new sub-suburban geography. Graphic, product or interactive media designers, filmmakers, and artists can also contribute by using their respective art forms to tell the future story of high-speed rail.

Van Alen Institute will select 10 of the most inspiring and thought-provoking entries and award them $1,000 each; a broad selection of entries will receive honorable mention and inclusion in an online exhibition and print publication. Download the brief (PDF) or visit the website.

To ensure a national dialogue and broad scope, LIFE AT THE SPEED OF RAIL works with an advisory committee of renowned thought leaders and practitioners:

  • Carol Coletta (President and CEO, CEOs for Cities)
  • Keller Easterling (Associate Professor, Yale University)
  • Christopher Hawthorne (Architecture Critic, Los Angeles Times)
  • Gary Hustwit (Director, Helvetica)
  • Michael Lejeune (Creative Director, L.A. Metro)
  • Thom Mayne (Founder and Design Director, Morphosis)
  • Petra Todorovich (Director, America 2050)
  • Sarah Whiting (Dean, Rice School of Architecture)


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