Life at the Speed of Rail: Winning Design Ideas Announced and Upcoming Events

Last March, the Van Alen Institute issued a call for design ideas to envision the cultural, environmental, and economic impact of a new rail network on communities across the country. On June 24, ten winners were selected, with design ideas imagining trains doing everything from promoting physical fitness to regenerating wetlands and protecting water quality.


Check out all the winning entries and honorable mentions at the Winners Gallery.


America 2050's Petra Todorovich is on the Advisory Committee for the Life at the Speed of Rail Competition. The Committee will curate materials from the exhibit to create an image library as a resource to better illustrate infrastructure needs and possibilities. Ideas and proposals from the competition will be discussed and refined in a series of panel discussions throughout the summer.

June 24, 12:30pm - Washington, DC: BETTER TRANSPORTATION BY DESIGN at the National Building Museum

June 28, 7:00pm - St. Louis: LAYING TRACKS FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT at the Museum of Contemporary Art

July 7, 6:00pm - Houston: RED STATE RAIL at the Baker Institute

July 12, 4:00pm - Los Angeles: AFTER CAR CULTURE: DESIGNING THE NEW LA at Caltrans Headquarters