UPDATED Action Alert: Protect High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Funds

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Even as vital passenger rail projects are creating thousands of new jobs and generating economic growth across the country, these successful programs are under attack. Members of Congress are threatening not only to deny adequate funding for Amtrak and high-speed rail in the next budget, but to take back funding that has already been awarded for the President's high-speed rail program. We need your help to protect these important investments in America's future.

The Fiscal Year 2012 House Energy & Water Development Appropriations Bill is being debated on the House floor right now. The bill contains a provision that would rescind all unobligated high-speed rail money that was awarded in ARRA. If the bill is successful in rescinding that funding, the country will lose critical rail projects and jobs. Final passage of the bill is not scheduled for a House floor vote until this Thursday, so there is still time to have an influence!

Visit www.StandUpForTrains.org and enter your zip code at the bottom to contact your elected officials. Give their offices a CALL TODAY and send a follow up EMAIL using the website. Then, tell a friend to email their legislators too! Let's flood these offices with thousands of calls from across the country, demonstrating the widespread support that exists for high-speed and intercity passenger rail!

This week is THE critical time for rail advocates and supporters to contact your legislators and tell them to protect high-speed rail funding in their districts. It is important that Representatives hear from their constituents that they are opposed to losing HSIPR money. TODAY, please call and/or email the members who stand to lose money from this rescission and tell them to speak out against this attack on passenger trains on the House floor! Click here to download a list of each member who will lose funding, the approximate jobs lost, and the number and name of the projects that will be halted. You may use this as a resource when reaching out to their offices.

In addition, important passenger rail programs have been targeted by deficit hawks in Washington. Both Amtrak and the High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Program are facing drastic and unsustainable funding cuts in Fiscal Year 2012 by politicians who are overlooking the long-term benefits of these vital national infrastructure investments. While progress must be made toward reaching a balanced budget, failing to fully fund these critical programs would be to jeopardize the nation's future economic prosperity.

We need your help to send the message to Washington that Americans need and want a stronger national passenger rail system. Please call or write your elected officials and ask them to fund the High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail program at $2.5 billion to match levels in FY 2010, to fully fund Amtrak's request of $2.25 billion, and to oppose any rescission of high-speed rail funding. Visit www.StandUpForTrains.org to contact your elected officials and follow up with an e-mail message.

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More power to you. We're fighting hard in our corner of Maine to bring passenger rail service BACK to our corridor. Please visit us and 'Like' http://www.facebook.com/BACofC.Transportation.Committee . Keep up the good fight.