America 2050's Dan Schned to Brief Members of Congress on the Benefits of High-Speed Rail

Members of Congress will be attending a public briefing called "The Economic and Community Benefits of High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail" on Thursday, July 7th. The briefing, sponsored by Reconnecting America, will feature a panel of experts, including Dan Schned, Associate Planner at America 2050, as well as John Robert Smith, President & CEO of Reconnecting America and Steve Geil, President & CEO of Fresno Economic Development Corporation.


Attendees, including members of the Congressional Bicameral High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Caucus, as well as interested members of the public, will hear how investments in passenger rail can spur economic development, revitalize cities, and drive job growth. Panelists will explore how rail projects generate economic benefits by creating jobs directly for the construction and operation of a rail line, and indirectly by stimulating new manufacturing industries, creating larger labor pools, and attracting new development around station areas. The American Public Transportation Association has reported that every $1 billion invested in high-speed and intercity passenger rail creates and supports 24,000 new American jobs (

The Congressional Bicameral High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Caucus hopes the event will inspire more legislators to join the Caucus, and support job growth and a competitive American economy by committing to a national passenger rail network. If you are in the area, feel free to attend! The briefing is being held in the United States Capitol Visitor Center, meeting room North, at 11:00am.

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