Mapping the Northeast Corridor

This interactive Google map, created by America 2050's Dan Schned and originally posted on the Business Alliance for Northeast Mobility's website, depicts the full alignment of the Northeast Corridor in great detail, as well as all of the stations that are served by Amtrak trains. There are many other stations along the corridor, not shown here, that are only served by commuter trains. Below are some basic facts about the Northeast Corridor.

Vital Statistics:
Total mileage = 457
Total annual passengers = 259,539,000
Total annual passenger miles = 4,990,390,000
Average daily passenger trains = 2,272
Average daily freight trains = 50

Amtrak = 363 miles
Connecticut = 46 miles
Massachusetts = 38 miles
Metro-North Railroad = 10 miles

To find out more about the Northeast Corridor, visit the Business Alliance for Northeast Mobility's website.

In the coming weeks, America 2050 will be adding more information to this map, including the location of major state-of-good-repair needs, such as the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel and Portal Bridge, and projects currently underway, such as major upgrades to track and overhead wires between New Brunswick and Trenton, NJ and improvements to the Harold Interlocking.