Survey: Using Online Tools to Improve Landscape Conservation

Colorado 012.jpgAmerica 2050 is calling on landscape conservation practitioners and interested citizens to take the Landscape Conservation Tools Survey. The survey is intended to inform our efforts to create web tools for people working to protect and conserve large natural areas of open space, scenic beauty, historic significance, or wildlife habitat. The survey includes a list of questions to gauge how people might use a large landscape web portal and should take less than five minutes to complete.

The partners in this effort include: America 2050, Regional Plan Association, The Trust for Public Land, the University of Montana's Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and other members of the Practitioners' Network for Large Landscape Conservation, who are looking at ways to facilitate landscape conservation through on-line tools and websites. 

America 2050 and Regional Plan Association's Northeast Landscape Initiatives Atlas has successfully used online mapping and database tools to identify how and where landscape conservation practice is occurring in the Northeast Megaregion. The survey will be used by our project partners to assess whether and how these and other web-based tools can help landscape practitioners share best practices and advance their conservation work and how best to create a nationwide website.

In the Northeast Megaregion, complex urban development patterns and high demand for land and resources pose particular challenges for conservation. America 2050 and RPA are working across political jurisdictions to produce a comprehensive inventory of landscape conservation initiatives that protect watersheds, wildlife habitat, and other natural processes at the appropriate geographic scale. The project was launched in November, 2010 with the support from The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area.

Visit the website to learn more: Northeast Landscape Conservation Atlas