Event: Crossing the Hudson: What's Next for Northeast?

Every day, approximately 275,000 commuters travel into New York City from New Jersey. The two single-track Hudson Tunnels, over 100 years old, are a major bottleneck on the Northeast Corridor, limiting commuter and intercity rail traffic in and through Penn Station, where 2 out of 3 trips on the Northeast Corridor begin or end. With the cancellation of the ARC tunnel project in 2010, the need to create redundancy to the Hudson Tunnels and expand capacity for travel along the Northeast Corridor is more urgent than ever.

On June 13 RPA will host a half-day conference to identify next steps for expanding travel capacity between New York and New Jersey. Featured speakers include: Stephen Gardner, Vice President, NEC Infrastructure & Investment Development, Amtrak; Jim Simpson, Commissioner, New Jersey DOT; Joseph Lhota, Chairman & CEO, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority; and Amtrak Board Member Anthony R. Coscia.  Co-Sponsors include the General Contractors Association, The Northeast Maglev, and AECOM. Visit the event website to register and see the complete agenda. Registration is required and costs $50. Space is limited.

Image: US DOT via Transportation Nation