Watch Video from the "Getting Infrastructure Going" Conference


Watch America 2050 director Petra Todorovich present RPA's report, "Getting Infrastructure Going: Expediting the Environmental Review Process," followed by a panel discussion moderated by Newsweek's Megan McArdle, featuring Will Kempton, Diana Mendes, Dr. Peter Ruane, and Jim Tripp. The event was co-hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center, Regional Plan Association, and the Eno Center for Transportation. Video after the jump.

Video: Bipartisan Policy Center

"Getting Infrastructure Going" was the outcome of extensive discussion between RPA and environmental and legal experts to address the issue of increasingly lengthy and complex environmental review processes for critical infrastructure projects. The report recommends streamlining and reorganizing the process at local, state and federal levels in order to realize needed infrastructure projects - and the jobs and other benefits they produce - more rapidly, while preserving the beneficial environmental protections of the National Environmental Policy Act.