3 Million Jobs at Risk if the Highway Trust Fund Goes Broke

The U.S. Department of Transportation has published a state-by-state breakdown of the number of American jobs that would be lost if Congress fails to reauthorize the surface transportation bill that includes new revenues for the Highway Trust Fund, which will be depleted by FY2015. The bottom line is that 3,000,000 jobs nationwide are at stake if a stable funding solution for federal transportation programs is not found.


The latest CBO estimates (above) show that the Highway Trust Fund will end fiscal year 2015 with a negative balance. CBO writes that since 2008, "Congress has avoided such shortfalls by transferring $41 billion from the general fund of the Treasury to the Highway Trust Fund. An additional transfer of $12.6 billion is authorized for 2014. If lawmakers chose to continue such transfers, they would have to transfer an additional $14 billion to prevent a projected shortfall in 2015." 

They go on to say that bringing the HTF into balance "would require cutting the authority to obligate funds in [2015] from about $51 billion projected under current law to about $4 billion, raising the taxes on motor fuels by about 10 cents per gallon, or undertaking some combination of those options."

The current surface transportation bill, MAP-21, expires in September 2014. Please take a moment to tell your elected representatives to find a long-term, stable funding solution for transportation programs to protect the American economy before it's too late.

The American Road & Transit Builders Association (ARTBA) has a toll free action hotline that you can call to find tell Congress to fix the Highway Trust Fund.

Download the CBO's latest "Status of the Highway Trust Fund"